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Pag-ibig housing loan guidelines/how to loan

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If youve made that big decision to buy a house, chances are youre also already choosing from the many possible financing options available to you because, lets face it, only a few people can afford to pay cash for big purchases like p


If you’ve made that big decision to buy a house, chances are you’re also already choosing from the many possible financing options available to you because, let’s face it, only a few people can afford to pay cash for big purchases like property acquisitions.

Pag-ibig housing loan guidelines/how to loan,One alternative that private sector employees should consider when acquiring a house and lot is to take out a housing loan from the Home Development Mutual Fund (HDMF), more popularly known as Pag-ibig Fund.

Republic Act 7742 has made membership in the fund mandatory for private sector employees earning 4,000 pesos and above. If you’ve been contributing religiously to the fund for at least two years, you probably quality for that loan.

Pag-ibig Fund allows borrowing of up to 2 million pesos to fund any of the following:

purchase of a fully developed lot in a residential area

purchase of a lot and construction of a house on it

purchase of a house and lot, townhouse, or condo unit

construction of a house on a lot owned by the member

Pag-ibig Central Visayas senior mortgage account specialist Senen D. Catingub Jr. says that in determining the maximum amount that a member may take out as a loan, the fund decides based on the “” from among four factors:

1. Contribution. The table below shows the schedule of contributions and the corresponding loanable amounts. POP in the first column means Pag-ibig Overseas Program and the amounts in column 2 under the heading Pag-ibig I and II as well as in the third column under loan amount are in Philippine peso.

Hence, if your monthly contribution is 500 pesos, your loanable amount is over 1 million to 1.1 million pesos.

2. Loan-to-collateral ratio. Some subdivision or property developers offer a buy-back provision for housing units sold through various financing schemes.

The provision serves as a guarantee that the property developer will reacquire housing units foreclosed by financing institutions due to non-payment of borrowers.

Pag-ibig fully covers housing units costing up to 300,000 pesos even without a buy-back guarantee and over 300,000 up to 750,000 pesos with buy-back guarantee. The fund will cover 90 percent of the cost of housing units worth over 300,000 up to 750,000 pesos without a buy-back guarantee.

Housing units that cost over 750,000 up to 1 million pesos are only 95 percent covered if with a buy-back guarantee and 85 percent covered if without.

Pag-ibig covers 90 percent of the cost of housing units worth over 1 million to 2 million pesos if with a buy-back guarantee and 75 percent of the cost if without.

3. Actual need. This represents the amount of the housing unit as stipulated in the contract to sell, license to sell, amount of loan applied for, or cost estimates.

4. Capacity to pay. Pag-ibig Fund takes into consideration the member’s capability to pay the monthly amortization of his or her housing loan. It requires that the monthly amortization of the member on his or her loan must not be more than 40 percent of his or her net disposable income. Hence, if a member’s take home pay is 20,000 monthly, his or her monthly amortization must not exceed 8,000 pesos.

Other uses of a Pag-ibig housing loan, aside from the four mentioned above, are: home improvement and refinancing of an existing loan in an institution acceptable to the fund.

Aside from meeting the contribution requirement, Pag-ibig also requires that borrowers must not be more than 65 at the time of the loan application and not more than 70 at the date of loan maturity, they must not have any outstanding housing loan either as borrower or co-borrower, and must not be in arrears in their multi-purpose loan repayment.

Pag-ibig charges 3,000 for housing loan processing fee. The 1,000 pesos is paid at the time of the processing while the remaining 2,000 pesos is taken from the loan proceeds upon its release.

The monthly amortization of the housing loan may be paid in two ways: through salary deduction or by issuing 12 post-dated checks to cover one year of payment.

Payment of the monthly amortization starts a month after the full or final release of the loan.

By fully developed lot, Pag-ibig means land that is free from squatters, with access to electricity and water, with provision for drainage and road right-of-way, and with existing land monuments.

Also, the lots to be acquired using the loan must be free from any encumbrances.

The maximum term of a Pag-ibig housing loan is 30 years.

Dear Sir/Madam;

I would like to know if I can loan for house construction even if I just had a 1year contribution in Pagibig?

hi richelle,

pag-ibig requires that you must have a minimum of 24 monthly contributions (equivalent to two years of membership) before you are allowed to take out a housing loan. since you only have 1 year’s worth of contributions, what you can do is make a lump sum payment equivalent to 12 months of your contribution rates to meet pag-ibig’s eligibility requirement.

hope this helps!

Johndorf Ventures Corp. launches Simplex 1-Mactan Johndorf Ventures Corp., Lapu Lapu City, Mactan subdivision, Marigondon, pag ibig housing loan, Plantation Bay, Simplex 1 Mactan, socialized housing, Suba Basbas Cebu Real Estate says:

[...] units may be availed of through the Pag-ibig housing program for only 1,900 pesos monthly. (Read Pag-ibig’s housing loan guidelines.) ← Buy only titled lands: [...]

pwede po bang mag seminarng fdmh kahit di na nakapaghulog dahil tapos na contrata ko sa dating pinapasukan ko,pero lagpas na sa 2 yrs ang nahulog ko.


Ask lang kong meron kayong subdvision punta princesa cebu city,if wala nearer to that place.thanks.give me po contact no. of developer kong meron.thanks again.


I’m a Gov’t Employee. Im seeking to avail a home improvement Program of HDMF. My net home pay is only amounting to 6.5k inclusive of my MPL loan to pag-ibig.

If ever i decided to apply for the home inprovement loan can Pag-Ibig deduct my Loan on MPL? How much can be the max. proceed of loan? How long is the term? And how much is the monthly amortization will be?

Do they need a collateral for the said loan?

i want to know if i paid the sum of two years contribution and i want to buy the house and lot that my agent sells to me what else do i have to prepare like legal papers or my agent will answer this questions to me?????

jeffrey, bimbo, seaman,

i will try to answer your questions in a follow-up post. i’m still writing my article though. thanks for your patience.


i will ask around for subdivision developments in or near punta princesa.

guillerma, bax,

i’m still focusing on cebu real estate at the moment. i will try to look for someone with listings in those areas that you’ve mentioned. thanks for your interest.

Im from capiz. want to avail housing loan. can i pass other requirements first except the building permit is still 0n the process in the ct hall. Ty

hello po! ask ko lang po 8 yrs na ako nag wowork sa private firm and monthly deduction po sakin is 200.. i have some questions that need to answer..

pwde bang mag loan ng lupa???

pwede nyo ba ako bigyan ng list of developer na pwede nyo ifinance? taga zamboanga city po ako..


For housing loan, will Pag-iBIG deduct MRI (Mortgage Redemption Insurance) so when the borrower dies, the heirs are no longer obligated to pay the loan?

i would just like to ask how you were deducting your taxes from the income of the members you have, how many percent of their income were you deducting? thank you.

I would like to know if i loan an amount for 20 years i i’ll pay it for only 10 years, is the interest also computed for 20 years?


OFW po ako at gusto mag loan ng housing. Paano po ba ang aking gagawin active po at advance pa ang payment ko sa Pag-ibig. Kahit po ba nandito ako pwede akung mag loan?

Please reply to my email adrres.


If I upgrade my monthly contribution, how many months before I can loan the equivalent loan amount of my new contribution?

dalawa kmi ng asawa ko mag housing loan ano po ang pag process nun combine namin yong contribution namin or individual po? house and lot yong kunin namin.

October 5th, 2007 at 1:49 am

hi, i just wanna ask if you have any seminar in manila area regarding housing loan?

Pag-ibig funds are conducting consultations at ATRIUM building near Manila Peninsula Hotel. Just bring a valid id and ITR or most recent 1 month payslip.

The seminar schedules are as follows:

Mondays – Fridays: 8-10am and 3-5pm

Saturdays: 9-11am

You may contact their hotline for any inquiries at (02)7244244 or you may visit their website at http://www.pagibigfund.gov.ph/index.asp

God Bless us all…


Pag-ibig has a minimum requirement of 24 monthly contributions for the multi-purpose loan. You may, however, pay in bulk what you lack in monthly contributions so you can take out an MPL.


if you’ve been contributing to pag-ibig for eight years, you are more than qualified to take out a housing loan.

i don’t have a list of zamboanga city developers, though. i’m a new broker and i’m focusing on cebu at the moment.

mr. pineda,

the interest will be recomputed so it would be for 10 years and not 20.


you can take out a housing loan even if you have a salary loan as long as you don’t have arrears in your multi-purpose loan payments.

i’m not sure about the process of combining a couple’s contributions for a housing loan. please visit your nearest pag-ibig office. they can explain the process to you.


thanks for the information

hi! i wan to ask… i want to take housing loan payable in 25yrs… i am 33 year old now… i am a pag ibig member for almost 10 years… i want here in davao city, i am gov. employee… i want the calculation for the monthly payment if i apply worth 3hk-5hk….


i have been a contributing to pag-ibig for more than 2 yrs now so most likely i will qualify for housing loan.

I just wanna ask if pwede na akong magdistribute sa pagibig fund. what processes do i need to take. my current job doesnt include my item to avail their benefits that’s why im not yet a member of pagibig fund. But i really want to contribute na as early as now… so i can avail your housing loan as soon as possible i finish the 2 years… I really want to have my own house kasi eh.

Easy steps to a Pag-Ibig housing loan: Pag-Ibig fund, checklist, requirements, loan application, BIR, Assessors Office, Registry of Deeds Cebu Real Estate says:

[...] To know some eligibility requirements of the agency, check out Pag-Ibigs housing loan guidelines. [...]

ei i just wanna ask din if ever… do pag-ibig fund have their housing project in las pinas or taguig?

thanks a lot and more power to pag ibig fund…


below area some subdivisions in zamboanga. got this from pag-ibig “pabahay ni gma” publication:

dona felisa homes 2 and 3

good day madam / sir!

can you provide me list of developers under pagibig housing loan program (house & lot – town house) located in molino, cavite or nearby areas.

thank you so much!

i’m a renter for almost 5 years, w/ a monthly payment of 4thousand pesos… suddenly, due to the financial needs of the owner, she decided to sell the said house to us amounting to 400,000.00. By the way, under po cya s pag-ibig, and 9 years p lang po nya nahuhulugan, w/c is payable po cya for 25 years. Do i have any legal options, kse wla naman po ako ganun kalaking halaga,member din po ako ng pag-Ibig. Ano po b ung nsa article 7.3.1 ng pag-ibig, ung tungkol po s refinancing ng existing mortgage. qualify po b ako dun?

i am hoping that you will answer all my questions. and i am very much thankful if you will give me some suggestions regarding my prob. thanks and god bless !!!!!!!

hi, would like to ask if ever i will aply for my housing loan at age 54 y.o. would it be granted? If so,can u give me a computation of my housing loan w/c has TCP of 1.5m,years of payt.,docs. needed & etc.

hi,i would like to ask if i can still continue being a pag-ibig member even if i stopped working already? If ever,as a voluntary member,how many years of contributions needed to be eligible for housing loan?…thank u..

dear everyone,

i have two additional posts on pag-ibig fund’s housing loan guidelines.

one concerns the steps to taking out a pag-ibig housing loan and the requirements needed. see post here: http://realestate.cebunetwork.com/24/easy-steps-to-a-pag-ibig-housing-loan/

the other is on the amount of housing loan that a pag-ibig fund member can avail of based on his or her net income and the monthly amortization that he or she needs to pay. see post here:


i think some arrangement can be made for your case with pag-ibig. please visit your nearest pag-ibig fund office and inquire with housing loan officers there.


yes, you can continue to contribute to the pag-ibig fund as voluntary member. the agency requires that you must already have a minimum of 24 monthly contributions (equivalent to two years of membership) before you are allowed to take out a housing loan.


since you are 54 and pag-ibig requires that you must not be more than 70 years old at the time of loan maturity, then your loan term must not exceed 16 years.

please see my posts on pag-ibig housing loan steps and requirements and amount of loan that a pag-ibig member may avail of depending on his net monthly income and loan term and monthly amortization for different loan amounts. i’ve placed the data in tables so they are easy to read.

Gusto ko pong man ang mga patakaran kung paano ako maku-qualify na makakuha ng hounsing loan through Pag-Ibig fund. Mayroon akong lote sa Bulacan, Pilipinas at gusto kong patayuan ng bahay. Noong ako ay nagtatrabaho sa Pilipinas, mula 1972 hanggang 1986 ay naghuhulog ako sa Pag-Ibig Fund. Pero sa ngayon ay naka-base ako sa U.S.A. at interesado ako na magkaroon ng sariling bahay sa Pilipinas.

Magtanong lang po ako sa requirements nang Ofw sa housing loan dito sa pinas,pariho lang ba sa naka post na requirements,ilang araw po ang approval ninyo.

Gud pm poh bakit mga OFW lang ang pinapayagang mag loan ng bahay at lupa? wala poh bang kming karapatan na mag loan ng bahay at lupa ? khit dito lang kmi sa pinas nag trabho sana poh ay bigyan din ninyo kmi ng pansin sat poh



pag-ibig requires that you must be an active member of the fund before you can take out a housing loan. you may enroll in POP or the pag-ibig overseas program and could qualify for a housing loan once you complete 24 monthly contributions, which could also be done through a one time or lump sum payment for housing loan purposes.


read this post for pag-ibig’s housing loan requirements and additional documents required of borrowers working abroad who will avail of a housing loan in the philippines.

if you’re a pag-ibig fund member, whether you’re working in the philippines or abroad, you qualify for a housing loan as long as you meet pag-ibig’s eligibility requirements.

gud pm po…ask ko lang…kailangan po ba regular employee pag nag avail ng housing loan???? and baka po meron kayong alam na rent to own worth 3hndrdthousand to 5hundredthou.lang…bacoor or imus cavite lang po sana!!!-tnx

hi…ask lang po if pwede ba akong mag housing loan since mag aapply palang po ako ng pag-ibig…pwede po bang i lump sum payment for 2yrs to qualify for a housing loan?thank you…

hi…i just want to ask… i want to apply for pag-ibig loan..amounting to 880,000 payable in 30 years…may i have an idea of the monthly amortization before i can apply? so i’ll find out if kaya ng budget ko…thank you very much..hoping to hear a reply…

im an ofw and not a member of pagibig, what are the possible fastest way to be a member so i can avail its benefit and privilages?


pag-ibig requires that you must be an active member of the fund, which means that you are paying your monthly contributions regularly, before you can avail of a loan. you don’t have to be regular employee, there are members who are self-employed or voluntary members. i don’t know of rent-to-town house and lot units in bacoor or imus, cavite. but in a few days i might find time to post some subdivision developments featured in pag-ibig’s pabahay program. thanks for your patience.


pag-ibig allows lump sum payments (a single payment for two years worth of membership) for people who wish to avail of a housing loan but who are not members yet. please check with your nearest pag-ibig office if you are interested in this process. please remember, though, that contribution is just one of the factors taken into contribution by pag-ibig when it evaluates housing loan applications.


check out the post below. in the post is a table listing loan amounts, loan terms, and monthly amortizations. at the very end of the post, click on link leading to continuation of amortization table for loans above 750,000 pesos.



the fastest way would be a lump sum or single payment of two years worth of membership, which is what pag-ibig requires before a member could qualify for a housing loan.


it depends on a lot of things and the percentage varies with the kind of housing units so please check with your nearest pag-ibig office to determine what applies in your case.

Magkano po ba pwede kong i loan? 15 years na o akong member ng pag ibig at magkano po ba ang monthly na babayaran ko pag nakapag loan ako.

kelangan po b tlga n merong collateral para mkapag housing loan?? e pano po yung walang pang collateral? kahit capable naman po na mabayaran ang monthly amortization… any other option? pls help… thanks>>

hello i want to buy a 2 storey house in cavite or tagaytay worth of 250,000 pesos atleast 2 bedrooms and 1 toilet.. thank you…


the amount of housing loan you can take out depends on four factors: the amount you need (cost of housing unit you want to buy), your contribution, your capacity to pay the loan, and the loan-to-collateral ratio (this refers to pag-ibig’s coverage of the property you want to acquire). please take note that pag-ibig chooses from among the lowest of the above factors in determining the loan amount. in my post above is a table that lists the possible amount you could take out as a loan based on your monthly contribution. the post below on the other hand lists the required net disposable income of a member and the corresponding loan amount he or she may take out.


the property that you will acquire with money from the proceeds of the pag-ibig housing loan will become the collateral of your loan. pag-ibig will foreclose the property and get it back if you fail to pay the monthly amortizations. the loan-to-collateral ratio in the above post refers to the percentage of housing loan that pag-ibig will cover based on some policies of the fund. for example, pag-ibig will cover 100 percent a housing loan that is only at 300,000 pesos and below. this means they will release this much amount to fund a member’s acquisition of a housing unit at this cost. if the coverage is only 90 percent, the member will take care of the remaining 10 percent of the loan. if we use this computation on a 1-million loan, only 900,000 will be covered and the 100,000 will be take cared of by the member-borrower.


will try to find a list of developers for you.

i am a faculty member! I just like to ask the porocedures and the requirements needed if i will avail of your house improvement loan! thanx to ur reply

hi. im planning to buy a house worth 1.5M at guadalupe mansions. if i avail the 20-year term and my monthly ney pay is 21,000PhP, what’s gonna be my monthly ammortization including interest for 20years? please i need ur help. maraming sat po!


i just wanna ask if i can now avail your salary loan offered.. also my status of contribution…how many months…

i appreciate if you a response…

may office po ba ang pag_ibig sa Olongapo? san po kaya pwedeng mag inquire na malapit sa Olongapo? I am not yet a member, pwede po kya na pag nag member ako, I will just pay the amount that will sum up for my 2 years contribution then get a loan?

Gud day im a member of pagibig i just want to know if there is still available area near motalban rizal and cainta? thanks

If I will loan for home development, is it required to present the Lot Title under my name, or a Deed of Sale under my Mother’s name would do?

Hi, what if I would like to buy a property from a developer that does not provide option for pag-ibig financing, can I borrow from pag-ibig the amount that I need to pay the said property? Thanks.

hi, i’m a pag-ibig member for 4yrs with my previous employer. I applied in a different company and stayed for 5 months. today, I’m with a new employer and been here for 5 months now. my question is how much would you think (more or less) will be the amount pag-ibig would grant me for a housing loan. Also, where can i get a w2, which is one of pag-ibig’s housing loan requirements, considering that it’s been a year or so after i have my 2nd job. and some months after i have my current job? tnx. -= mike =-

hi.. I would like to ask regarding purchasing a new house and lot from a subdivision here in Consolacion, Cebu City amounting to Php800k . I was informed that I can have it paid by cash or through pag-ibig loan then monthly installment for 25years. I’m not pretty much aware regarding purchasing house and lots through pag-ibig. May you enlighten me on this matter.

the housing improvement loan is also considered a housing loan and the same eligibility requirements apply. the agency will also ask for the same requirements listed in the post below but the steps to follow will be different.


i don’t have a step-by-step list for pag-ibig’s housing improvement loan but i may write about the matter in a future post. i will inform you at once when its done.


one of pag-ibig’s requirement for a housing loan is that the borrower must be a member of good standing of the fund. also, he or she must have paid at least 24 monthly contributions so he or she could avail of the housing loan.


please read the post below for the answer to your question. i’ve included tables in this post showing the required monthly income and monthly amortization for the different amounts of loan and loan terms.

pag-ibig allows lump sum payments so a prospective borrower could meet the membership requirement but there are other considerations taken into account when you take a housing loan. please read these other posts on pag-ibig’s housing loan program.

Im a member of Pag-ibig about 10 yrs.I would like to know if im quilified to loan a housing loan because of my age.Im 47 yrs.old now.and where can inquire for a housing loan thank you very much i need your answer.


hello po…can i apply for a loan for house construction on a lot i purchased under bank financing (not yet fully paid)? (i’ve met all pagibig requirements for contributions, etc.)

Dear Sir/Madam,

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how to avail a housing loan? Im more than 2 years member of your oraganization. I just wanted to renovate my house for finishing..I owned the lot and house, all I wanted to do is to have housing loan for finishing of my house…Kindly need your advise sir/madaam..thanks…

hi, i am a pag-ibig member since 1997 up to july 2004 and my office was located in makati city. I had a MPL before i resigned in 2004 and i already emailed pag ibig office to inquire or to update my MPL kasi alam ko may arrears na ito but i dont have any idea how much. Wala po kasi ako sa Manila mulam 2004, di ko na po alam kung ilang contributions na ako at gusto ko po sana ma-update ito at man sana kung magkano ng arrears ko kasi gusto kong maayos ito at mabayaran sana kung magkano ang arrears ko para makapag loan ako sa housing loan.

please advise. maraming sat.

can you forward to my email account my pag – ibig number for me to see and open my contributions to pag – ibig fund because i dont what site am i going to open for me to know my pag – ibig number

gud pm,

i would like to ask for list of any housing programs around valenzuela city? and also how much loan is allowed if im earning P8,139.00 a month?


Hi. I am an OFW in Dubai and i’d like to acquire a farmlot in Cebu through HDMF loan. Can you please help me to find one? I already attended a housing loan seminar.

pano po ang gawin pag gusto ko po saluhin ang isang property na under p din ng mortgage sa pag ibig? please reply po


you can apply for a loan to complete payment of your lot and for house construction.


the same general steps for housing loan apply for house improvement loan. you still need to attend the counseling session, get a membership status verification slip (takes from 5 to 7 days), pay processing fee, submit documents proving ownership of house, among others. visit your nearest pag-ibig office to start the process now.


if you’re out of the country, you can authorize a friend or relative through an authorization letter to follow up your pag-ibig mpl and membership status. pag-ibig requires a special power of attorney (spa) in cases of members abroad taking out housing loans.


this is not a pag-ibig website. what i know is pag-ibig does not forward numbers of members to email accounts. you have to visit the pag-ibig office to get this information. you have to show proof of identification before pag-ibig gives you this information.


i’m focusing on cebu at the moment so i don’t have a listing for valenzuela. as to the amount of housing loan you can take out if you are earning around 8,000 pesos a month, please check the post below:



if you’re in dubai, you will need to have a representative, empowered by a special power of attorney, to handle the transaction for you here. this is a requirement of pag-ibig for those members living or working abroad who wish to take out a housing loan.

i’m just a new broker and i still have to get my license i really don’t have a listing for farms. but you might be interested in these real estate ads that came out in the sun.star cebu newspaper classified ads:

1. rio blanco farm — barili, 3-hectare rolling hills, coconut and vege plantation, by national highway, P400/per sq.m.

2. coconut plantation — barili, 110 hectares/P150 per sq.m.



3. 17 hectares at P100/sq.m. with 700 mango trees in busay, cebu city (4229432)


4. clean title, 8,961 sq.m. at P700 per sq.m. with 72 mango trees, kalunasan, near camp marina


please take note that i do not vouch for any of these properties.


please inquire with your nearest pag-ibig office about this. i’m not familiar with the rules governing transfer of mortages from one person to another.

good am…. i want to know if i can loan for house only… i have my lot… I am 33 years old and I am member for almost 10 years….

hello po… ask lang ako.. if i can apply for house construction… i have my lot… i am a member for almost 10 years…

ma’m tanung ko lng po meron po ba na housing loan na malapit lng dito sa Caloocan…kasi po gusto ko po sana kumuha ng housing loan at papaano po ba? Matagal narin po akong member na Pag-ibig…almost 6 years na rin po…

gud pm po member po kmi mag asawa sa pag ibig ako po private sector since 2003 ang husband ko po govt. employee mmember since 1999. pwede po ba namin icombine ang contribution namin? may nagustuhan po kase kming townhouse bandang san mateo rizal, gusto ko po sana magseminar gusto rin po namin ang mode of payment ay 25 years.nagpacompute po kmi sa developer ang loanable amount po ay 520,000.00. hingi po sana ako ng advice kung ano po ang gagawin namin. thank you very much po.

I’m an OFW base in Saudi Arabia, nais ko pong makakuha ng house & lot in Dumaguete through HDMF loan. Can you possibly give information on how i can acquire one? Thanks and God bless.

i worked before for about 2 and half year but now i stop working but my husband is working abrod. i want to avail a housing loan. how can i?

good afternoon po…jaz wanna ask po if meron po ba kayo ngayon available na list na sakop for PAGIBIG Housing loan? naghahanap po kc kmi ng pwede naming hulugan na house na magiging amin na din someday kc po sayang naman pag lagi lng kmi magrerent. preferred po sana namin makati area o kaya po ung within metro manila po sana…thanks

good day,

just want to know if i will apply for housing loan now how long the processing will it take? coz we already have a prospect here in mercedes zamboanga city and it requires really soon. thanks


I just want to know how can i avail of a housing loan at or near Sandiganbayan area. My wife and I is presently living at Deparo Caloocan area through Pag-ibig Housing Loan, which is very far from our work. How much will be my budget and cash out if there is any? Hope for your immediate response. Ty

ask po ako kung puwede ako makakuha ng abandoned unit dito sa bagong lipunan condomium, western bicutan, taguig city sa pamamagitan ng pag ibig housing loan?

gud am… i hav an existing hsing loan wen i was stil working wd d gov’t. i was suposd 2 transfer 2 our hse n gardenvillas n sta rosa, laguna las 2006 but d developer, drydock corp required us 2 pay d full amt of d equity. i had only 4-mos left 2 pay 4 our equity & we requested f we can move already as we reli nid 2 mov out frm our previous hse. but drydock required us 2 pay d ful equity. but unfortunately, our agent had problems wd mgt of drydock afecting us. so we had 2 temporarily hold pymt of d remaining 4-mos balans frm our remaining equity.

as of now, i hav resigned frm d gov’t & m now wd a pvt co. but i stil continue my pymt 4 montly contribution as m being deducted by my present co 4 it.

wud it b pcble f i kansel my previous hsing loan wd d developer drydock & aply 4 anader hsing loan wd my present employment n pvt company??? i hav already filed a complaint wd ur legal div las 2006 as i felt dat drydock has taken advantage of my trust n confidence n der promotional gimiks ??? tnx & Godbless…

hi, puede nyo ba akong mpdlan ng diff broker pra makakuha akong ng rent to own, im 40 yrs old and OFW working d2 sa Macau China

how much my monthly amortization would be if I apply for a housing loan amounting to 500,000? Should I pay for a down payment? thank you

Hello! I’m from the Province of Lanao del Norte. I’m interested to avail the lot purchase program of PAG-IBIG.

Would PAG-IBIG purchase a lot from a mother title? I mean, kahit wala pa na sub-divide?

thanks very much..

ask ko lng po kung mron po ba kaung housing loan na yung ipapa assume po. mron po ba d2 mlapit sa balagtas or sa bulacan

im liezl sarabia. i wanna know my id. no here in pag ibig. due to di ko po lam ung no ko. pwede k rin po b continue ung hulog ko before??? kc po right now im student na uli. kindly email me. plss..inform me asap where do i find my no. and where do i report this cases.

Hi! Good day!!!!

Ask ko lang. I’m planning to housing loan which is cost P650,000, but base from my contribution which P200 my loanable amount are P500,000. What are the way to upgrade my contribution from P200 to P250?

Thanks a lot

hello po..ask ko lang po kung pede po ba ko makapag housing loan sa pag-ibig but i will take out the cash..since ang unit na gusto ko ay payable po cya thru in-house lang..pede po ba ako makapag loan kahit wala akong pang-collateral?ano po ung maximum na amount na pede ko mai-loan considering na 20T po ung monthly income ko?

hope for your kind response..maraming sat po..

we would appreciate it very much if you can give us another chance to apply for a new housing loan in order to avail of the low interest rates that are being availed by the new borrowers. my housing unit was foreclosed because i could no longer sustain the high monthly amortization of 10,500. At the start (1999),i was paying 5,500 monthly but after series of restructuring, it went up to as much as 8,000. 3 years ago, it was reduced to 3,990 per month for a period of 3 years only but after the lapse of the said period, it shoot up to 10,500 which is no longer sustainable, thus prompting me to give it up. i feel it unfair for us who have availed in the early years because we were charged of a high interest rate (16% per annum) while the new borrowers are enjoying the prevailing interest rate which is very much lower (7%). I hope you will understand our predicament. we do not want to end up renting. like them, we also want to have a home to call our own. we hope that you will bring this matter to proper authorities so they can hear our plea. let this be an instrument to ease up our sentiments.

in addition, I am really not sure how long i have been contributing to pag-ibig. is there an easy access to website to find out if i will meet the requirements?

1. We only have rights (amilyar) on the lot we purchased 6 years back. Is there any way, I can be qualified for a housing load.

2. Our local govt, Olongapo City, doesn’t seem to process land titling outside the mass titling procedure. we’ve been processing since two years back and they just keep on telling us to come back later. well, we did and same response we got.

1. We only have rights (amilyar) on the lot we purchased 6 years back. Is there any way, I can be qualified for a housing loan.

2. Our local govt, Olongapo City, doesn’t seem to process land titling outside the mass titling procedure. we’ve been processing since two years back and they just keep on telling us to come back later. well, we did and same response we got.


Puwede po ba akong makahingi ng standard requirement ng pag-ibig para sa developer. Katulad po ng construction ng mga roads, drainage, lights, at ang bakod po ng subdivision?

Sana po ay ipadala po niyo sa email ko.


Question ko lang po, kung meron ka ng existing housing loan ang loanable amount na nakuha ko 180K and almost 8 years na rin akong naghuhulog sa pagibig. Would it be possible na pwede pa akong mag loan ulit? o kaya yung asawa ko na hindi naglo-loan sa pag-ibig? kung gagamitin ng misis ko yung pag-ibig nya, pwede pa ba syang mag-housing loan? Ano po ba kaya ang magandang gawin para ma-approve ang housing loan ng misis ko? sat po God Bless

pano po ako makakpag housing loan and meron po bang developer along mandaluyong city. ang kaya ko lang pong monthly is around Php.1000-1500.

Im an OFW and my inquiry is how to re activate my Pag-ibig membership to avail a housing loan. program.I’ve been a member since 1994 through pag-ibig office in Jeddah but i did not continue paying my monthly contribution.in case i will made the full payment reqd with the scheme bracket of loan, how many months to get process the approval of my loan.

Thank you very much and more power

hi,pede ba me magloan if may collateral para sa home improvement need pa ba ITR Pano if walang itr….ano ang mga requirments?tnx po..

may house and lot na po ako pero naka loan sa bank,puede po ba mailipat sa pag ibig ang loan ko at magbayad ako ng lump sum na membership of 2 years kasi ngayon pa lang ako mag member. maka avail ba ako. tnx po

I stop already the payment, coz of our company closed, If I continue the payment,as a self employed. Should I avail the housing loan program? What are the steps to do?

I’d like to know the contact no and the name of the person handling the Post Dated Checks for housing loan. I’m trying to call your no. since last week but nobody’s answering. pls.help. thanks!

tanong lng po, kung self employed po at kukuha ng housing loan, eligible b kumuha ng housing loan?ilang years dapat ang naihulog mo pra mkakuha ng housing loan?

tanong lng po, kung self employed po at kukuha ng housing loan, eligible b kumuha ng housing loan?ilang years dapat ang naihulog mo pra mkakuha ng housing loan?


tatanong po sana ako kung pwede po ba ako ulit maka apply for housing loan for another house kasi na acquired asset po yung house ko na inaplayan at hindi tatanggapin nang pag-ibig partial payment ko kahit gusto ko po sana bayaran. ano po ma-advice mo posa akin?

pano po kung gusto kong bumili ng house and lot clean title,pano po ung processing nun,the amount po ng house and lot is 900k,my salary is 20k above and i’m 9 ys. member of HDMF.Pede po b ko mag-avail ng loan?

I want a loan of P2m but my monthly net pay is only P15t. Even if with my husband’s combined pay, we will not qualify for the P2m loan based on the amort. table. Will Pagibig allow me to get a co-borrower who has bigger capacity to pay. Up to how many co-borrowers can i get?

tungkol sa aking house and lot loan…Ang halaga po nung aking nakuhang pabahay ay P560,000.00. sabi po nung developer, P540,000.00 po yung loanable amount sa pagibig. May P20,000.00 po na eqity, nabigyan po kami ng P5,000.00 na disMagandaang araw!!!! ako po ay may konting kahilingan count, bale P15,000.00 nalang yung aking equity. Ang computation po nung developer, P3,900+/ ang monthly amortization ko, payable in 30 years po. nung kinuwenta ko po sa loob ng 30 years umaabot na po ng mahigit 1 milyon ang kabuuan nung bahay at lupa…sa pag kakaalam ko po ay 7% po ang interest ng ganung kalaking halaga sa pag ibig. tama po ba ito? Nais ko po sanang himinge ng tamang komputation kung papano po nangyari ito.. sat po at sumainyo nawa ang panginoon

Query lang po ako, kung ang MPL loan ay gawing 1 year to pay so parang 1 month na deduction e maging 2 months na payment na po yun. Pwede po bang after 3 months makaloan ulit kasi po ang total na nabayad sa loan is 6 months na po.

Please reply to may email add-jenelyn.fuentes@flexo.com.ph

Hi! I’am not working kasi kadalasan part time lang ako pero I’am in abroad now. I want to have a housing loan… puede kaya kaso asawa ko lang ang nagwowork dito….puede kaya ako na lang mag-apply?

yung present house & lot na tinitirhan ko sa Camella Springville is under Home Morgage in Imus, then 3rd owner ako at hindi na inaasikaso ng 1st owner, malapit na rin ito maforeclose. Ang question ko, pwede ko ba ito iforeclose then ipareassess then ako na lang ang magbabayad under ng Pag-ibig?

Hoping for your immediate reply. Thank you…

is it true that pag-ibig won’t approve your housing loan if you have an outstanding credit card balance or unpaid credit card and / or other loans?


yes you may opt to take out a loan for the construction of a house. as to how much you can take out, this depends on your contribution, capacity to pay, and actual need.


i don’t have a listing of developers for caloocan. among pag-ibig’s requirements for a housing loan is counseling so you need to call the pag-ibig and ask when the schedule is. after the counseling, pag-ibig will give you a list of requirements.


i don’t have a listing for san pedro, laguna area. but if you take time to visit your pag-ibig office, they may have a listing. these are called acquired assets–properties that pag-ibig have foreclosed and acquired from those who took out the loans but have failed to pay the amortizations. what i know is these units are much cheaper than those sold brand new by developers. i’m not sure if this is still existing but pag-ibig implemented a housing program beginning last september that allows you to take out these units through a housing loan at a 15 percent discount.


you and your husband have a good chance of qualifying for a housing loan since you’ve both been members for more than two years. the primary requirement for a loan is a loan counseling attendance. check with your nearest pag-ibig office as to when the schedule is. the counseling usually lasts for 3 hours or shorter. once you’ve attended the counseling, they’ll give you an attendance report and give you a list of requirements.

check out the posts below for more on housing loans:




you must first be a member of the pag-ibig overseas program and have contributed for not less than 24 months for you to qualify.

if you think you’re eligible for a housing loan, but can’t go home to take out the loan yourself, then you have to empower someone through a special power of attorney to do this for you.


your husband can become a member through the pag-ibig overseas program or you may opt for voluntary membership since you are not working. what is important to qualify for a pag-ibig housing loan is for any of you to be an active member with contributions of not less then 24 months.


Ask ko lang, kung wala bang collateral d na ko makakapag housing loan? Kaya ko naman po bayaran monthly amortization ng P500000.

Hello everyone.

Tanong ko lang, kasi balak ko mag loan ng around 400K para sa renovation ng house ng mother ko, since naka pangalan ung house sa mother ko and ako hihiram, pwede b icollateral ung house ng mother ko? or pano po b process nito? Ok lang b na walang collateral kc balak ko din bayaran ung proceeds in 30 years eh para magaan lang. Im earing 26K a month so ung 3K na amortization eh magaan lang. Pls help. Thanks!

Hi! ask ko lng po,kong pwede po ba maka pag loan ang husband ko ulit khit meron loan na dati na hindi na tapos dhil na walan sya ng trabaho?

ask ko f myroon din ba pag ibig housing sa davao city.saan po ito at mgkano?gsto ko po ng 1500 pbaba lng ang monthly nito…yun lng po st.

I am interested to buy the lot in cavite. Said lot title was still under the name of the original lot owner but it was already bought by a certain Mr. Balderama. He said the title was used as payment for their debts from him. He hasn’t transfer the title to his name but he has the original title with him. How are we going to do with that? what legal papers do we need coz we want to enter it to Pag-ibig.

Hope your can help me. Thank you.

Donna Eva

nka avail ng loan ang anak ko for a thse 600loan,30YTP.bayasd na sdin reservation & full equity. but we would like to sell the unit kasi nalalayuan sya from her job. maari po bang ibenta na lang ang unit later & for her to get a new loan for a new hse? pls help. thank you very much & God bless you for your help.


gusto ko lang pong man kung pwede po ba akong magloan ng house and lot, pero di n po kc ako nkkpaghulog ng pag-ibig contribution since umalis ako ng pilipinas at ngtrabaho s ibang bansa. di ko nmn po alm n pwede p lang ituloy overseas ang pagbbyd ng pagibig ky nhinto po ako s paghuhulog till now. pwede nyo po b ako iadvise through my email kung ppano ang ggwin ko in order to loan a house and lot.



I am an Employee of National Food Authority since October 1, 1997. And I availed Housing Loan thru Pag-IBIG HDMF. Kindly sent to me the TCT number of the lot i have loaned. this data shall be used in declaring my Assets and Liabilities. Thanks and regards

may ibinebentang bahay ang kaibigan ko sa bagong barrio east caloocan city,ang halaga po ng 1,200,000 pesos at 74 sq.mt bayad na raw sa NHA, gusto ko pong mang kung puede ko po bang iapply sa pag ibig at kung sakali po sa loob ng 10yrs. magkano po ba ang hulog ko? 12% pa rin po ba ang interest? ang sahod ko po sa amo ko dito sa hong-kong ay hk$5,600 pero ang nakalagay lang po sa contract ko ay 3,860 parahow to loan in pag ibig daw po hindi mabigatan sa pagbayad ng long service kapag umalis na ako sa kanila,ang kaya ko lang pong hulog ay 20,000 pesos monthly kung maaaprovebahan ang application ko,

Just want to ask: What if a certain individual got a loan from a certain bank and had his hos e and lot for his collateral and unfortunately this individual wasnt able to pay his house and lot was taken by the bank from where he got his loan and that bank is now selling the house can I still apply for a loan via Pag ibig to acquire that house and Lot????

hi ma’am! i work in a private firm. My income includes a monthly salary and a quarterly commission. other than that, i have other allowances such as gas and phone bills which are shouldered by the company. In this situation, can the basis of my net disposable income not be my monthly salary but my yearly income divided by 12? hope to hear from you soon.

thanks and more power!

hi!magtanong lang po sana ako member po ako ng pagibig naka fully paid na po ako ng 24months sa membership eh gusto ko po sana magloan ng salary pwde po ba ganun at anong requirements?plz reply sa email ko

hi gud day!

isa po akong member ng pagibig noong aug.30 2005 -until june 30 2006 tapos employee po ako ng deped12 meron kming membership sa pagibig noon pero ang sabi nila sa amin nd kmi pwde mag loan paano po ba iun eh samantala nagremit nmn kmi at binabawas nila sa aming sweldo, pwde ko po bang ipagpatuloy iun na hulogan? sa ngaun po nagpamember ako uli ng pagibig OFW d2 sa kuwait pwde po bang man if continue ko iung membership ko sa deped 12? plz reply


Good day,

Question ko po ay kung nakatapos na po kami mag bigay ng mga equity sa developer at nakapag msvs na rin po kami, pero wala pa po notice ang pag ibig kung kelan ang first salary deduction namin, or kahit wala pa po ba ang notice from pag ibig ay kailangan naba namin mag bayad agad or wait pa namin ang notice ng pag ibig. Medyo po naguguluhan kami, kasi sabi ng developer namin ay kailangan na namin mag bayad ng first month, which is wala pa pong dumadating na notice sa opisina ng work namin para kaltasan na kami. Please help kung paano po ito.

Good day!may plan po ang husband ko n mag house construction loan.but ung loanable amt. lng nya is 500k if gus2 nya gawin 700k ano po b pwede nyng gawin?

Pareho din po kming member ng pagibig for more than 2yrs.so it means n pwede po kmi joint s loan?pero may unpaid salary loan po ako s pag ibig lst oct. kasi ngpunta n po ako d2 s dubai.and also hindi ko nrin po nhulugan ung contribution ko from oct.’07 onwards.pwede po bng bayaran ko nlng lhat ung liabilities thru my husband since wla po ako don pra pwede akong maging co-borrower nya.

good afternoon gusto ko lang mag tanong sa pag-ibig office kung pwede po ba ako mag apply ng housing loan, may lot na po ako tapos gusto ko na kami lang po ang mag kontraks ng bahay, okey lang ba sa pag-ibig ano po ba ang mga requirements pag mag apply ako ng ganitong paraan, Im the goverment employee pero nag apply po ako nang multi purpose loan bali second loan na po ako ng multi purpose loan sana ma bigyan nyo po ako ng advice kung ano ang gawin ko for housing loan kasi ayaw kung kumoha ng housing through subdivision

Dear Sir / Madam:

In 2004 me and my boyfriend decided to purchased a housing in Mabuhay Homes II at Mamatid Laguna and that transactions were done under my name granting almost 500K (not sure) amount to the broker/developer. After paying the reservation and the two consective month for the Monthly Amortization, we decided to back it off due to unexpected happenings and just left it hanging without any formal arrangement from my broker (just simply informed her in text).

How can I fix those things out and can I still apply for a housing loan? I am an active member for six years and I still have balance in my salary loan.

Thank you very much! God Bless!

hi, i’m from cagayan de oro city and i’m planning to be a member of pag-IBIG, im only 28 years old… i’m a businessman (internet cafe) can i avail that housing loan after 2 years of membership… pls. pls reply… i need to know… thanks a lot….


good day po!

i am already a pag ibig memeber and have been contributing for 4 years now thru my previous employer. right now i just started with my ner employer, was hired jaus last april 1, 2008 and contribution still continues.

Can i already avail of a housing loan despite the change of employer?

Can i avail a housing loan in which the location is in cagayan de oro city and i am based here in mandaue city, cebu?

hope to hear from you po.

Thank you.


Good Day!

I am departing ofw.I need to know how to apply housing loan and what realestate offers low monthly amortization.I like single story bonggalow type house with 3 bedrooms, garage and have fence, Near Cebu City.

Thank you very much and I’m looking forward for your reply soon.

ask lng po ako kung how many months yung approval ng housing loan?and how much nman po ang puede kong ma loan if my income

hi! I am a pagibig member for 8 years already, I havent ahd any loans with pag ibig, I was wondering if i can have a renovation loan for my mom’s house. what are the steps and requirements i need to take. i have been asking a lot of people already from pagibig and it seems that they have different procedures. it is really confusing.

thank you.

I am planning to buy a house and lot, I will loan it thru Pag-ibig. The owner of the property is separated and she told me that during the time that she acquire the property she and her husband were already separated. Do we still need her husband consent(signature) to make our transaction legal?

Can i still avail a housing loan even if i only have 6,700.00 net pay but i have loans to paid up soon that can make my net pay rises this year?

am i right po ba na ang pag-ibig fund ang nagbabayad sa developer kapag approved na ang loan sa inyo? & Before you pay the developer do really check the house kung talagang tapos na at pwede ng tirhan. kung YES po ang sagot nyo. what if po kung may maipakita akong subdivision sinisingil nyo na yong tao dahil approved na aloan sa inyo pero hindi pa pwede tirhan ang bahay?

Pls let me know po if there’s any feedback as to the approval of my housing loan..your davao office already sent the MSVS last week since my remittance is in pasig though i worked in davao under San MIguel Foods Inc. The developer who’s building the house is asking for an update as to its approval po.


i’ve been a member since 2003 and now i’m thinking of acquiring a condo unit. the advertiser said it’s on a rent-to-own scheme for 15 years. the monthly amortization is kind of high and interest gets higher as you extend loan period. will it be possible to apply HDMF loan of upto 25 years so i can pay the condo in full? if yes, what would be the basis of my maximum loanable amount? is it my latest contribution (200 my share + 100 emp share monthly) for 2 years or my contribution for 3 years (300 my share + 100 emp share monthly)


What should i do if my MSVS was lost? As per your office it was already delivered last 05/02/08 to my developer Moldex Realty Marketing Inc. but when i inquired to the office of Moldex they did not received my MSVS. Thank you and i hope you could send me feedback on my problem.

[...] To know some eligibility requirements of the agency, check out Pag-Ibigs housing loan guidelines. [...]

hello po! Gusto ko lang po man kung pwede po ba kami magloan ng pampatayo ng bahay kc may lot available na po kami sa nabiling house and lot ng sis. in law ko kaso wala lang po kaming pampatayo ng bahay mismo.

gusto ko lang po sanang man,kung sakaling i will upgrade or change my monthly contributions to 200 or higher would that be possible? because as of this moment im only contributing as low as 100..and i want to avail a much higher housing loan amount so that i could afford the house i dreamed about. would that be possible???

I discourage you to stay from projects developed by the developer Dry Dock Corp or DDC Land. I have a friend who bought a unit at Garden Villas 3 in Sta Rosa, Laguna and had so much headaches, complaints and until now his problems on living and having an affordable and headache free or less problem house is still not acted upon. So much promises has been given to my friend and the developer does not have qualified engineers and construction workers. I am not aware of the entire experience that my friend had but i could say it is not fair to be treated as a customer/homeowner with a home of no quality.

ask ko lang po, almost 8 yrs na po akong nakapag hulog sa pag ibig tapos nastop po ang contribution ko for past 2 yrs na, pede parin po ba ako mg seminar at maka avail ng housing loan?

May I know if I could loan more than 1M if my monthly contribution with Pag-ibig is only Php200.00 from me and my employer? If not, what should I do so that I could loan that amount? Tnx I will be waiting for your reply

Dear Sir/Madam,

May I know which proper department I have to visit about my concern on the house I sold years ago (thru PAG-IBIG). The buyer and I, however, have a deed of sale and other pertinent documents regarding the sale of property. According to your PAG-IBIG office in Makati, both the buyer and me should go to the PAG-IBIG office to sign a release a document stating the transfer. However, with all the effort I exerted, the buyer doesn’t want to cooperate so we could settle everything. In this regard, may I know which office should I have to visit as I would like to clear my records.

Respectfully yours,

Jesus dela Torre

may housing projects poh ba ang pag ibig dito sa parteng cavite? carmona, cavite poh specifically? pano poh ang proseso? penge naman pong contacts to talk to. thanks

Good day! Just want to inquire if you you have a housing projects in cainta, Rizal that is a bit distant from Ortigas or in Antipolo near Ortigas also. I want to avail it thru pag-ibig housing loan. I am a memeber for 8 years already. I will wait for your advise.

gusto ko po sanang kumuha ng hulugan na bahay sa bicutan po sa uppear bucutan or lower. 15 years po? magkano ang hulog buwan buwan?kailan po ba umpisahan tirhan?pls reply soon i want to know..sat po

June 20th, 2008 at 5:07 pm

.. isa pa po sa 15 years na paghuhulog pwedi ba po na magbayad ako ng advance payment sa pagibig fund good for one year, para sa unang buwan ng aking paghuhulog? para makakuha na agad ako ng bahay?para matirhan na agad ng pamilya ko?kc po wala pa ako sarili bahay nangungupahan lagi mga anak ko at mama ko.ph.450.00 monthly is that right?so pls explain nio po sa akin kc first time ko po marinig itong pag ibig..naresearch ko lang po ito sa web..thnks po sa help nyo in advance.wait ko po inyong reply!

mga ano ano po ang requirements para maging meyembro nag pagibig housing loan?ofw.po ako gusto ko maghulog ng house and lot sa bandang bicutan sa bandang upper at lower bicutan.good for 15 years magkano po ang hulog buwan buwan?at gusto ko po direct na sa bangko ihulog ang pera.what name of the bank sa bicutan?ilan taon ba ako dapat maghhulog para makakakuha na agad ng lupatbahay?upang tirhan na agad? pls explain po ninyo sakin? and pecencia na kung maraming beses ako nagwrite ng comment ko kc na check yong notify me of fallow-up comments via-mail.baka kc hindi nyo agad mabasa itong messages ko..salamt po uli..chilly

Dear sir/madam,

tanong ko lang po wala po akong sariling lupa. pwde po ba ako na maka avail ng housing loan? papaano po ba ang proseso?

sat po.

am a memeber of the pag ibig fund since 1980 but i think contribution were not continuous because i transferred from one school to another. i went to the pag ibig office at tagbilaran city to seek advice of my concern and i was asked to produce at least one pay slip from my previous employers. i think it is very impossible for me to produce such in as much as that has been long time ago. can you please trace my contribution if i will just give my previous employers and the year of effectivity of my employment? i wanna avail of a housing loan.

Thank you,


Dear Sir/Madam:

Good afternoon. Ang asawa ko po kasi ay member na ng Pag-Ibig. Ang huling employment niya dito sa Phils. ay last 2001. Pagkatapos po noon ay nag-work na siya outside the Phils.

Mula po noon ay hindi na po siya nakapaghulog sa kanyang Pag-Ibig up to the present. Nagkaroon po siya ng salary loan sa Pag-Ibig nung naka-employ pa siya dito sa Phils. at hindi niya fully nabayaran yoon.

Ngayon po ay meron po kaming balak na kumuha ng magiging sarili naming bahay; ito po ay either lot, house & lot, o condo unit.

Ito po ang nais kong itanong sa inyo:

1. Maari po ba kaming makakuha ng Pag-Ibig loan for acquiring a lot, house & lot, or a condo unit?

2. Tulad po ng nasabi ko kanina na may existing salary loan ang asawa ko na hindi niya pa fully paid. Makakakuha po ba kami ng Pag-Ibig housing loan kahit meron siyang existing na Pag-Ibig salary loan?

2a. Kung hindi naman po siya makakakuha ng Pag-Ibig loan for acquiring a lot, house & lot, or a condo unit dahil meron siyang existing na unpaid Pag-Ibig Salary Loan; Ano po ba ang pinaka-mainam na step na gagawin para magkaroon kami ng malaking chance na makakuha ng Pag-Ibig Loan?

3. Tulad po ng nasabi ko kanina, medyo matagal-tagal na siyang hindi nakapaghulog so, ano po ang pinaka-immediate na step na pwede naming gawin para magkaroon kami ng malaking chance para makapag-avail ng Pag-Ibig loan for acquiring a lot, house & lot, or condo unit.

4. Halimbawa po naman at nakapag-avail na kami ng Pag-Ibig loan for acquiring lot, house & lot, or condo unit at binigyan kami ng 25 years to pay; possible po ba yung ma-reconstruct ang payment scheme kung nagbabayad kami more than the required or agreed amount? (e.g. 15,000.00/monthly amortization payable in 25 years–payments being made are 30,000.00/monthly).

Sana po matulungan po ninyo ako sa mga concerns ko pong ito para po malan po naming mag-asawa kung ano po ang pinaka-mainam na gagawin namin para maiwasan po namin ang magkamali. Maraming sat po. God bless you!!!

Mercedita Marasigan

Dear Sir/Madam:

Good Afternoon po. Ako po ay dati ng Pag-Ibig member way back kung matatandaan ko po ay 1992 pa. Dati po akong empleyado pero since January 2002 ay tumigil na po akong mag-empleyo. Naging housewife na po ako hanggang sa ngayon.

Meron po akong balak na ituloy ang paghuhulog ko sa Pag-Ibig para po tuloy-tuloy ito.

Ito po ang nais kong itanong sa inyo:

1. Maari po ba akong maghulog sa Pag-Ibig kahit po hindi ako employed?

1a. Kung ito po ay maaari, magkano naman po ang minimum and maximum amount ang pwede kong ihulog bilang unemployed?

1b. Ito po ba ay mai-ka-categorized bilang voluntary contribution?

1c. Kahit po ba ito voluntary, pareho din po bang benefits at priveleges ang mapapasaakin tulad doon sa mga employed?

2. Kung ako po naman ay palarin na makapag-trabaho ulit at maging empleyado, ano ang mga steps na dapat ko pong gawin para makasiguro po ako na makakapaghulog po ako ng contributions?

Sana po ay matulungan niyo po ako sa mga bagay na ito. Thank you!

God bless you!!!

Mercedita Marasigan

P.S. Dear Sir/Madam: Please lang po notify me of follow up comments via email thru my email address. Sir/Madam: I sent two sets of letters. I hope you could help me regarding the matters I’ve discussed. Thank you so much! God bless you!!!

Mercedita Marasigan

Is it possible to loan my father’s house to pag ibig but property is not under memeber’s name? thanks.


may lupa po ang byenan ko at ala p sa kanya yung titulo ng lupa at gusto nya n patayuan namin ng bahay.meyembro po ako ng pagibig 12years na po.paano po ba ang gagawin ko kung yung pampapagawa ko ng bahay ay i loloan ko sa pagibig?

maraming sat po,

I am employing in a private sector & I want to ask regarding the lumpsum payment good for 2 years in order to avail fast in housing loan.What if I will pay in a lumpsum payment too,does the employer require to pay their employer share in a lumpsum, too? What if the employer dont want in a lumpsum way,any alternative so that I can avail the housing loan fast?Thanks.

166.Tinee Valdez says….

I Agree with you Tinee Valdez,Masyadong pabaya yang DDC Land, yang Garden Villas na iyan ang alam niyan kumubra ng kwarta tapos papabayaan ka na nila… Mismo yung mga managers nila mga hindi professional, pag may problema hindi ka na haharapin. Ganun din ang mga ahente nila, after mo mag submit ng requirements at nag babayad ka na nga monthly mo papabayaan ka na sa ere. Mali mali ang computation nila at puro pangako…. walang kwenta mga projects nila, maganda lang model house… Eng’r Edna Sutter please do an action on this. Check mo yung mga staff mong pabaya sa cliente nila.

gud pm ask ko po f pwede pa bang mag-apply sa housing loan yung father ko kahit 56 y/o na sya and magreretired na sya this october 2008.thank you po


Member ang husband ko for almost 14 years. Then 300 po ang kanyang premiun for 2 1/2 years.

Ang tanong ko lang kasi ay ganito. May lot na kami pero wlang pera para mg pagawa ng bahay. Ano ang aming dapat gawin para maka avail po kami sa housing loan.

Thank you and more power!

saan po pwede akong mag pa assess about my status sa PAGIBIG. Actually, may housing loan po ako way back …8 or 10 tears ago.. nagbabayad po ako about 4 years yata…yet di ko na naituloy…

ask ko lang po kung meron kayo list ang pagibig ng house and lot along quezon city, tandang sora..thanks po..

pano po pala kung putol-putol contributions ko kasi depende sa employer or company ko na di na-update yung bayad ko pero almost 2years na xa, do you mean pede ako apply ng housing loan?

thanks po

gud afternoon!

Do you have this rent to own project in lucban, quezon? which part po and can I get the details?


meron po ako sana balak na bilhin na property pero ung property po eh under loan pa sa pag ibig..20years to pay po ung property at nakapaghulog na sila ng ammort more than three years na.. they’re selling it for 400K then continue ko na daw ung monthly ammort nila.

ang tanong ko po:pede ko po b i-loan ung 400K para mabayaran ko po ung seller and ano na po mangyayari sa monthly ammort nila w/c is 4900+?

kung ma grant po ung loan ko na 400K,,babayaran ko pa rin po b monthly ung monthly ammort nila na 4900+,,,at ung mgging monthly ammort sa 400K?

please i want answers from you guys,bago po ako makipag negotiate sa seller,,,,

I was a member of pag-ibig for almost 6 years,and then jobless po ako right now since march 2007 thats why nag stop po ako s paghuhulog ng contribution.Plan po namin ng husband ko mag housing loan,qualified pa po ba ako kahit wala akong job?Ang husband ko po ay freelancer and nag mamanage ng fishpond,wala po kaming ITR if one of the requirements ang ITR.Ano po ba ang dapat naming gawin.

ask ko lang po contact no nyo dito po sa pampanga, gusto ko po sana magtanong kung may available kyong lot, yun nga lang po di pa ako member nag pagibig. paano po yon?kung magpapamember po ako,ilan years bago ko po magamit?

hi there!

thank you for taking the time to answer our inquiries. i know many are grateful for your extended assistance. hope you can continue this amiable effort.

as for me, i would like to know if you could advise rent-to-own houses/townhouses/condos (in that order of priority) in the area of Cubao, QC or nearby areas like Libis – Pasig, or border of Cainta/Pasig/Marikina/Antipolo).

i am 26 and have a small family, and we’ve been renting since 2004 in vista verde, cainta for P15k a month. lately, my husband and i are getting practical so we want a rent-to-own set-up so it’s two birds in one stone.

thank you in advance!

magandang araw po.

Paano po pag mag-paparegistro pa lang, kapag kakaregistro pa lang ba pwede bang i lump sum agad ung 24months para maka-avail ng pagpapagawa ng bahay sa sariling lupa?

thnx and god bless.

magandang araw po.

Paano po pag mag-paparegistro pa lang, kapag kakaregistro pa lang ba pwede bang i lump sum agad ung 24months para maka-avail ng pagpapagawa ng bahay sa sariling lupa?

1. Maari po ba akong maghulog sa Pag-Ibig kahit po hindi ako employed?

1a. Kung ito po ay maaari, magkano naman po ang minimum and maximum amount ang pwede kong ihulog bilang unemployed?

1b. Ito po ba ay mai-ka-categorized bilang voluntary contribution?

1c. Kahit po ba ito voluntary, pareho din po bang benefits at priveleges ang mapapasaakin tulad doon sa mga employed?

2. Kung ako po naman ay palarin na makapag-trabaho ulit at maging empleyado, ano ang mga steps na dapat ko pong gawin para makasiguro po ako na makakapaghulog po ako ng contributions?

thnx and god bless!

My wife works in the bank from 1993-2005, she stopped working then was accepted as Bank manager las September 2007 earning 35k a month, we would like to buy a house and lot in San Rafael Bulacan, worth 1M, the property has a market value of 1.7M pwede po ba un gawing collateral? I would also like to be a volunteer memeber, para combined salary kami…. ok lang po ba kung sa bulacan ung bibilin naming house and lot? thank you po…

i want to avail a housing loan but i am currently here in london. i have attended the seminar already before i leave the country.if possible i want to speak to a staff of pag-ibig who could enlighten me about the loan.i really want to get a loan now while i am earning and so when i go back home for holiday i could see the fruit of my hard work.any help would be much appreciated!

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have following questions:

1. I have loaned a lot since 2000 and I am paying my monthly amortization. Can i change the term of my payment from monthly to Quarterly and how?

2. Can i withdraw my contributions paid by my Company, since i’m no longer working with them, and to be paid to my loan amount?

Your help is highly appreciated.


I have filed a request with you for the transfer of my records to your branch in Makati on 28 May of this year. We were advised that it will take approximately 2-4 weeks for that to be done. That was more than 2 months ago.

I feel that nothing has been done about my request since still – I am being asked to make contact with you and your branch in Caloocan just so that the request can be verified.

We as a nation will not move forward if this is the kind of service that we can expect from you being the government arm to spur progress. My loan request is just an MPL (Multi-Purpose Loan) and practically my own money and I have every right to get it when I want to and when I need it.

So please if you have got any conscience, help me for goodness sake.

CN: 9164820054

question lang po… gano po ba katagal para maapproved ang loan (reconstruction loan)mga 10 years na po ko member sa pag-ibig, di pa po ko nakakapag loan kahit anong klaseng loan pero po iba’t ibang company, now i’m currently employed for 2 1/2 years tapos po 100 every month contribution ko sa pag-ibig, magkano po kaya ang maloloan ko if ever ma approved po ako… maaaproved po ba kaya ako?

i am an employee of a private company as a sales manager. ask ko lang if i could use my Latest ITR as basis for my loan amount since my payslip does not show the total amount of my compensation and thus lessen the loan amount. I want to use the loan to buy my aunties property and have enough money for some improvement.

Gud am!

Ma’am/Sir, i just want to ask on how will i know my pag-ibig number(member’s #). Dati po ako nagwork sa mall but then they didn’t give me my pag=-ibig number,.


gusto ko po sanang mag-apply ng housing loan for home improvement lang po. May nagcoconduct po ba ng seminar here in Bulacan? I’ve been a member for 6 years now.

HOW CAN I AVAIL A HAUSING LOAN IN ZAMBOANGA? I’M A MILITry pers and i’m paying a contribution in pag ibig for 3yrs by now,,tnx

Hi, I just want to know kung pwede mag apply yung in-law ko ng pagibig housing loan kahit hindi sya member ng pagibig. 50 yrs old and overseas worker sya, maari bang bayaran nya yung buong amount na contributions na equavalent na 2 years para maging eligible sya sa housing loan? Thanks!

gud am! ask ko lang po if I can change the numbers of years or the length of my housing loan: i avail for 15 yrs housing loan can i still change if to 20yrs

Good p.m. po.. merun po b available na housing loan sa pampanga, at walang equity? yung downpayment lang ng mga 10,000 tapos monthly payments na po,. 3 bedrooms mga 150 to 200 sqr meter.

good day… ask me lang po pwede po ba ako mag housingloan renovation? 12years po akong nakahulog sa pag ibig. sa ngayun po wala na kasi company close na po yung pinagtatrabahuhan ko.fully paid na po yung bahay ko.pwede po ba ako mag loan?

tanong ko lang bakit pinagbabayad na kami ng monthly amortization na 17,000 eh hindi pa naman approve yung pag-ibig loan ko para sa unit na kinuha ko? dapat ba kong magbayad medyo naguguluhan ako eh ,thanks.





may lote po ang husband pero sa kanilang magkakapatid naka name title. total po is 900sq meters.ung half naka sangla sa bank. magagamit ko po ba sya sa housing loan? 70sq meters lang po ang kunin ko na lot area…pano po ba un.Mga 7 years na po ako pag-ibig member.

ask lng po ako bkt po inaabot ng 7days ang pagkuha ng MSVS sa Pag Ibig???Ilang staff po ba ang gumagawa nun??thnks!!

Good day!!!

Ask ko lang po sana if entitle ang isang member na mag-avail ng housing loan program pero hindi pa remitted ang required 24 monthly contribution at gawin na lang itong lumpsum just to available the housing loan program?

kung maga-upgrade po ba ng contributions,puede na mag-loan ng higher amount or yung equivalent ng higher contribution right away or do i have to wait for a certain number of months pa?

by the way,sa brother ko po naka-pangalan ung title ng lot namen.puede po ba ako mag-apply ng housing loan?

what if i loan 900,000 pesos. how many percent for the approval of this amount in pag- ibig housing loan?

i’ve been working here in saudi arabia for 2 years. since i came here, i’ve stopped paying my monthly contributions. now i’m thinking of reactivating my membership, where can i pay my dues here in alkhobar saudi arabia?

hi po gus2 ko po sn ask kung magkno po at papano po ako pwde mag member kc po d2 po ako ngyon s U.A.E.eh gusto ko po mag loan ng bahay member po ang mr ko kso po hiwalay po kmi kya ayaw ko po gamitin name nya.

Dear Sir’

Good day from dubai!

I just wanna ask i want to pay for the two years for the membership of pag ibig but how, since im here dubai can you please give me contact person who is incharge of this because i want apply Housing Loan.

member na po ako ng pag-ibig since July 2000 but I resigned from my work on May 2005. After two years, ngwork uli ako and 7 months n akong naghuhulog sa pag-ibig, am I qualified to apply now for multi-purpose loan?

baka po ma2lungan nyo ako mag loan ako ng pera sa pg-ibig para makabili ako ng bahay, o kaya naman sa pag-ibig loan house na ako kukuha para sa pag-ibig na ako magbabayad monthly at 10 years ko babayaran, sat at sana ma2lungan nyo ako sa request ko

Hi I want to know how i can be a member of pag ibig, and is it possible to get a house loan even if im still a student but have a regular allowance from my relatives?

hi i have question i already have a housing loan & i have just a 100thou balance i want to sell it, and i have a prospective buyer he will also buy it under pag-ibig.

Hello po!Good morning,ask ko lang po about sa requirements ng house improvement,nagpagawa po ako ng bahay kaya lang na short budget namin para sa finishing,gusto ko po sana mgloan para dun..mkapag MSVS na po ako..Namention po dun na kelangan ng plan and building permit pra s home improvement pg my mga extention na gagawin..Pano po yun sa case ko,wla kaming gagawin extention kc my existing na..finishing na lang like plastering,painting & installing tiles..Kelangan pa po ba yun ng plan & permit?Or puede na yung list of materials na lng..Need reply ASAP..Thanks

hello po!!ask lang po ako kung pwede po akong magbyad ng worth 2 years at kung makaka loan po ba ako ng house,mga magkano po ang babayaran ng worth 2 years?at kung ilang months po kaya bago maapbrubahan ang loan?kailangan ko po ang sagot nyo as soon as posible…..thank you po

hello po..ask ko lang po if san po banda sa manila ang my pag-ibig house & lot..gus2 ko po kc kumuha..what bank rin po ang mga accredited nyo..ok lang po b n ang mg-aayos lahat ay ang kapatid ko po sa pinas..d2 po kc ako ngayon s labas ng bansa..im waiting 4 your reply po.. thanks & Godbless

meron po bang low cost housing dito sa valenzuela? pki forward naman po sa akin ung pag-ibig number ko…thanks po

ask ko lang po kong paano mag avail ng housing loan.ang wife ko ay isang ofw sa canada for 3years.may mga hulog siya sa pagibig noong sya pa ay nagtratrabaho sa pinas for less than 2 decades.magkano po ba ang monthly contribution nya at ilan months pa para maqualify sya for housing loan?

Good morning! Just want to inquire, coz I want to loan for house improvement, do I need to attend the housing loan counselling first?

ask ko lang po kung may mga branhes kayo or offices ng pag ibig fund na pwede namin pag hulugan o pag padalhan ng aming mga contribution dito sa dubai umalis po ako jan sa pinas last may 14 2008 papuntang dubai and bago po ako umalis ay nag pa member ako sa pa ibig housing loan for ocw sa branches nyo sa poea sa ortigas gusto ko po ituloy ang pag huhulog ng aking monthly contribution kaya lang ang problema ay d tumatangap ang mga money transfer dito sa dubai ng remittance para sa pag ibig fund kaya naisipan ko mag email sa inyo baka sakaling matulungan nyo ako sa aking problema.


ask ko lang po if condo unit iloloan mo, consider housing loan po ba..Kami po ba direct or yung realtor.

i have a house in imus cavite for sale for P450th.42sq.m.LA.40sq.m FA.semi 2 storey.located at maricris complex malagasang2 imus.cavite with clean title ang updated amilyar..pag ibig ok.contact me at09054234857.

Good morning po,

Ask ko lang kung magkano ang monthly payment if i will have a housing loan worth 1.5 million.

i ‘ve been a member for 9 years.

Pagibig contribution is 100 pesos per sahod,

intresado po ako sa pag ibig housing loan, pwede nyo ba ako bigyan ng idea kung sino ang mga housing project agent sa either culianan,mercedez, lunzuran brangay sa zamboanga city.

hello po,

ask ko lang how can i counter check may pag ibig contribution, iam 6years na working in the private sector

ask ko po if i’ve contributed to pag-ibig for more than 6 years and i stopped paying contribution, can i still avail of the housing loan and just pay the amount required monthly or do i need to continue my contribution?


I was wondering if its possible to apply for pag ibig membership from abroad. Since my mother and i decided to buy a house here in the Philippines but since she is in abraod, i onbehalf of her will be incharge paying here while my mother is incharge for the financial.

Is it possible for her to apply pag ibig in abroad, so we can buy the house we want in cavite?

please do reply in my question so that we would know what to do. ASAP.

tahnk you for your understanding.


Pwede po bang i-loan sa Pag-ibig ang Title na naka mortgage sa banko ang reason po kasi iyong napagbilhan nang property ang ibabayad sa Banko,pano po pag ganitong sitwasyon?

Thank you and Happy New Year!

I am Leo..Gusto po sana namin mag avail ng bahay at lupa dito sa amin sa bulacan worth 2 million this is a private owned house and lot.Pwede ko po ba ito i aaply sa pag-ibig? what are documents na kelangan ipasa.more than 2 years po ako member ng pag-ibig nagtuturo po ako sa isang public institution…

I would just like to know if you have house and lots na for sale (di na naituloy ng dating nag-loan ang pagbabayad). I would be interested in the Sta.Rosa or Bian area. I heard from a friend na mas ok at mas makakatipid pag ganitong scenario ang i-aaply ng loan. Totoo ba na kung ano yung monthly amort ng previous loan applicant ay yun din ang babayaran ng magtutuloy ng loan?



Good day po, gusto ko po sanang mag avail ng housing loan sa pag-ibig. I am a member for almost 8years at patuloy pa rin pong naghuhulog ng contibution ko hanggang ngayon. May ilan lang po akong mga gustong linawin.

Kahit po ba hindi ko sarili ang lote na pagtatayuan namin ng bahay pwede akong maka avail ng housing loan? Ang lote po na balak naming pagtayuan ng bahay ay sa magulang pa ng asawa ko nakapangalan. Sa ganitong sitwasyon po, anu-anong requirements ang hinihingi ng pag-ibig?

Maraming sat po at inaasahan ko ang inyong tugon. Pwede pong eemail nyo na lang sa ddi.jasmin@tanph.com

hi Mr. Leonito Balatucan,

If you wish to avail your house for a housing loan in Pag-ibig, assuming you have reach 24mos of your contribution, you must also pass to these criterias:

1. your 40% of your monthly net income must not be lower to the mo amortization intended for a 2 million loan.

2. you must see to it that the property is with an original title and a right of way.

for more info you must visit any pag-ibig office nearest to your location and make sure to bring a copy of your original payslip so that they can determine your allowable loanable amount.

or you may visit this site..


Gaano katagal ang paghuhulog ng isang member ng PAG-IBIG bago makapag avail ng housing loan? kung halimbawa less than two years ang contribution pwede bang bayaran yung remaining balance para makapag avail ng housing loan? kailangan po ba ng financial statement o collateral para makapag avail ng housing loan?

hoping po ako na masagot ang tanong ko para po man ko kung may kapasidad po ako para sa housing loan.

Maraming Sat po.


nakapagloan na ako sa pag-ibig just this year.. its a salary deduction.. Can i also apply for a housing loan thru pag-ibig?


Ask lng po ako if ano po ung particular location ng pag-ibig housing here in davao. or the contributor ng pag-ibig dito sa davao. reply asap,…thanks

I am interested on buying a condo here in manila total selling price is PHP 3,668,845.47.

now i have paid the 20% and the 80% BALANCE PHP 2,935,076.3 I plan to pay for with a Pag-ibig fund loan.

My plan is pay the 24months contribution on one payment. would that be possible?

my concern is that my monthly budget for the rent is below 18k a month. Will that be applicable? i mean is there a way i could pay below 18k/month?

please help me

SIR;nnd2 po ako sa aruba.last vacation po nmin sa pinas ngpamember po kming magasawa sa PAG-IBIG.binayaran napo nmin ang 2years pra po makapagloan po kmi ng bahay(house & lot)someday…pano po ba? o ano ang dapat nming gawain;kc while nnd2 pa ho kmi gusto ko po sanang mgkaroon ng bahay dyan sa atin…sa cagayan de oro city po balak nming kumuha ng house & lot…sana po matulungan nyo ako…at sana padalhan nnyo dn po ako ng mga pictures ng bahay at lugar…MARAMING SALAMAT PO…

I have received the “Notice of Approval” from HMDF for a fully developed lot at Cavite. My applied loan is 300,000. It was approved but on the breakdown, the net loan proceed is just 277,000++ because of some processing fees. Do i need to pay the balance to our developer since the lot costs 300,000?

hi, im a housewife, i want to be a member of pag-ibig…my husband works in their family business…can i be a member ng pag-ibig on my own contribution, wat requirements kailangan?

10 years na pu akong nag huhulog sa pag ibig ofw rin pu ako,den member din pu ako ng pop kahit may contribute na ako sa pag ibig

dear sir/mam, member na po ang husband ko nag nag apply po kami ng house contruction ok na po lahat ng paper namin for inaantay na lang po namin ang sa issue ng check ilan araw po ba yun pag progses nun kasi sabi samin 5 to 7 working day sakto po ba talaga yun araw na yun o tatagal pa.gusto ko na po kasi matapos ang bahay na pinagagawa namim kaya po ako nag tatanong gaano po ba katagal.sat po

hi sir/madam good day I just want to ask something about getting a land loan with pag-ibig because my broker said the land that i want to get from tagaytay is not allowed for loan in pagibig. so now in worried if it is legal or what so please let me know before i pay the reservation fee of 10k. what will be the assurance that i can get from them that the land is legal and safe to buy. please help me. thank you very much…

Hi, I am an ofw in Saudi. I paid my pag ibig in advance equivalent to 2 years. I wanna know if i am eligible for housing loan. I f I am, can my wife process this for me? Please help me. I wanna know how it works.

How much monthly contribution should I remit, should I need to loan for 5million? Is it possible that I’ll make a balloon payment for a year contribution, then apply for loan.Can I avail the maximum number of years to pay?

Please do reply ASAP, thanks

may i lo loan po sana ako sa pag ibig,a parcel of land which is patented last may 2007, upon submission of the requirements pag ibig noticed the provision of section 118 of denr stating na di pwede isalin ang titulo except in favor of government or legally constituted institution. na reject po ang aking application because of that. confused po ako kasi ang pag ibig po ay under govt. and i cant understand why did the pag ibig reject my application.


I am a home based tutor so I am not under any company. Can I still be a PAG-IBIG member? what kind of documents will I need to ba a member?

Just want to ask what are the qualifications for a house improvement loan and how much is the maximum loanable amount if my net pay is around 22K a month. tnx!

pwede po bang iloan ang house and lot na may extra judicialsettlement with sale, pero may ikocollateral kmi n titulo nming mag asawa

good day! ask ko lng po kun pwede mg-avail ng housing loan ang asawa ko? OFW po sya ngayon, dati monthly ang contribution nya s pag-ibig, na-stop lng nung umalis sya sa dati nyang work dito s Pilipinas last 2007. activated p po ba ang membership nya? ano po ba ang kailangang i-submit na documents? pakireply po sa e-mail ko. thank you!

gud day!

mam, ask k lng po anong type ng loan kapg yng illoan k property my bahay pero kailngan ng improvement?st po.

I am planning to apply for a housing loan for a house&lot @ wedgewood subdivision in Pangasinan. I am still paying the downpayment which will last for a year. My agent says that if I decide to get a pag-ibig loan,after we pay the 30% downpayment,I still need to pay 2 years amortization directly to their developer – which amounts to in-house amortization,to prove that I am a good payer. Then and only after that 2 years,will they pass the requirements for pag-ibig housing loan. This doesn’t make sense,since what I know,if I apply for the loan now,considering I paid the 30% downpayment,& if my loan is approved,the remaining total contract price would be paid by pag-ibig…then i’ll start my amortization with pag-ibig w/ lower interest. Is it fair that I’ll be paying the 2 years amortization to the developer before they cooperate w/ my pag-ibig loan? I would greatly appreciate it if you could clarify this ASAP. Thanks a lot!

Gusto ko lng po mag-clarify regarding pag-ibig loan. I’m planning to apply for a loan this month. But I have some question in my mind. I am working here in makati city. I’m planning to apply for Construction of House. But the place where I plan to construct a house is in our province. We have a lot there. Is it possible to apply a loan here in manila?

hi,,actually gusto kong iparestructure un loan ko my 2 yrs na rin akong ngbabayad 2o yrs to pay siya…ofw ako ang yearly me umuuwi gusto ko syang gawin 5yrs lang and annual ang gusto kong settlement ng pagbabayad dahil with experiance ang hirap ipagkatiwala ng pagbabayad kahit sabihin mong sa pamilya mo pa…sad to say tuwing umuuwi ako at least 3mos un walang bayad knowing na monthly ako ng sesend ng pangbayad…i do hope u can reply me as soon as possible kz im’ going back on march and im eager to fix this so plz let me know the requirments for restructure.and is it possible ba na annual ang pagbabayad thanks…kz ala na namand direct bank from hk sayang nga kung pede ang direct payment mas secure.thnks a lot

hi..itatanong ko lang po sana kung pde pdin akong mg-avail ng housing loan khit na meron akong existing pag-ibig salary loan? sat po.

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